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AFTER-MOUSE.COM launches Share'Touch, a multi touch collaborative tool

Share, negotiate and correct in real time with Share'Touch! Share'Touch simplifies your exchanges, whether you need to optimize communication within you company or with your external partners. This new business application by AFTER-MOUSE.COM enables all devices running under Windows 7/8 to be connected together: whether you use a PC, a Tablet PC, or a Microsoft® Surface® 1.0 or 2.0 unit, the application connects you with your collaborators and partners sitting across from you or on the other side of the world.

Simply and intuitively, you can add comments and notes to your documents, images or videos with the simple touch of a finger. Files can be exchanged instantly with your teams, partners or clients, documents can be duplicated endlessly on your screen or on those of other users, or shared in real time to desired computers. With a simple touch, you can even push a document over the user of your choice: it will appear instantly on his/her screen, as if by magic!

Share'Touch is not only aimed at conference and meeting rooms but can also be used for events, such as seminars or tradeshows. Better results, energized teams, reduced costs, and accrued productivity are a few of the many advantages offered by this innovative and cutting edge collaborative tool!

Share'Touch is available from USD 15,000 excl. tax. If you are interested to purchase this turnkey application, please contact us.

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